Low Back Pain- A growing concern in the modern world..

Low Back Pain- A growing concern in the modern world..

In today’s fast paced lifestyle, “Sitting has become the new smoking”. Sitting for 8-9 hrs a day comes with its own set of risks. In addition to this, if your job involves lifting, pulling or twisting the spine – all this may contribute to low back pain.

This happens when you sit all day..

Back pain illustration

Low back pain today has become a leading cause of distress and loss of days from work.
It has become a frequent health problem in the general population especially affecting the physically inactive, sedentary desk job workers
8-9 hrs of desk work can also result in poor posture that puts additional stress to the back and spinal structures.

Symptoms of Back pain

A few common symptoms are:

  • A dull pain in the lower back
  • Pain radiating down past the buttocks
  • Muscle spasms/tightness felt in the low back
  • Weakness in legs
  • Pain that worsens after prolonged sitting/standing
  • Difficulty bending forward, climbing stairs, walking etc.

When to visit your Physio?

If your lower back pain is impacting your day to day function and activities( at home/work), then its worth getting checked out by your physiotherapist.
Do not wait for the symptoms to worsen and always listen to your body when its trying to tell you something. Do not push too hard.

The nature of low back pain could range from mildly annoying to severe debilitating pain.
Research shows that around 80-85 percent adults will experience back pain at some point in their lifetime. So, if you are one among them, you are’nt alone.
We, the qualified team at The Painfree Physio are here to help you.

Physiotherapy for Knee injury

Adarsh Chief Physiotherapist, The Painfree, Back conditioning program

How can we help you..

We will evaluate your condition and administer range of interventions like stretching, strengthening, aerobic conditioning, ergonomic intervention etc.
Also, a thorough postural assessment will be done to assess the condition and provide necessary postural advice.

Low Back exercises

Tummy tucks exercises for back pain
Tummy tucks exercises for back pain
Trunk rottion exercise
Trunk rotation exercise

In addition to this, apply ice packs to the painful areas for better relief

Tummy tucks exercises for back pain
Bridging exercise
Cobra stretch exercise
Cobra stretch exercise

Ice packs for pain relief

The above mentioned are a few basic back exercises to help you. If you’re still experiencing pain that is not settling down, then book an appointment with THE PAINFREE PHYSIO today or call us on 9400012548

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