Weight loss diet The Painfree Physio

Weight loss diet from The Painfree Physio for optimal results in exercise programs. Following these diets will help you to develop a fit and healthy body. We have made these as visual slides for easy reference.

Breakfast (8:00-9:00 am)

Have a lemon ginger tea with Tulsi leaves first thing in the morning. Followed by a lite and healthy breakfast that do not stretch your stomach is important first step towards weight loss.

Breakfast for weight loss
Breakfast for weight loss

Mid Breakfast (11:00 am)

A mid breakfast is crucial to compensate for the lite breakfast consumed in morning. Having this meal will keep your tummy satisfied till your next meal at lunch.

Mid morning diet for weight loss

Lunch (12:30-1:00 pm)

Lunch chicken or egg whites, salad and single roti and water.

Lunch diet for weight loss

Mid Lunch (3:00-3:30 pm)

Dry fruits are rich source of energy and small in size which do not give unnecessary stretch to your stomach. Do not consume more than the recommended quantity.

Snacks (5:00-6:00 pm)

Healthy selection of snacks for weight loss includes, boiled channa masala,  grilled chicken or egg sandwich, steamed momos, soya chunk masala boiled any of the above.

Dinner for weight loss

Cut fruits, cooked chicken or fish or soya chunks or channa masala boiled, roti 2, curd 2-3 table spoon will boost digestion.

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